Zynga acquires Echtra Games, a new cross-platform RPG in development

According to a recent Gamesindustry report, Zynga recently announced that it has acquired the developer of Torchlight 3, Echtra Games. Although the figures and terms of the agreement have not been disclosed at the moment, the Californian company has decided to focus everything on creative flair Max Schaefer, founder of Echtra and who in addition to having worked on the three titles dedicated to the famous fantasy-themed action RPG (Torchlight) participated in the work of the first two Diablo. The plan of Zynga it is not only to enrich its lineup, but also to bring different mobile brands on PC and consoles. We report in detail the words of Frank Gibeau, CEO of the US company:

Max and his team at Echtra Games are responsible for some of the most famous game properties ever created, and are experts in the action RPG genre and in the development of titles. cross-platform play.

This acquisition will be instrumental in growing our licenses and bringing many iconic brands from mobile to PC and console, helping to further expand Zynga's total market.

Furthermore, Zynga intends to partner with Naturalmotion for the realization of “a new multi-platform RPG yet to be announced“. According to the Gamesindustry report, the acquisition will not include any redundancies and, just as announced last month by Bernard Kim (president of the company), other partnerships will be planned in the future. Finally, we point out that in recent years Zynga added developers such as Gram Games, Small Giant, Peak Games e Rollic.

Zynga acquired Echtra Games (Torchlight 3)

Zynga plans to bring its successful franchises from mobile to PC and console

In addition, Echtra will collaborate with the NaturalMotion studio (CSR Racing) for the realization of an unannounced multi-platform role-playing game.

Zynga has acquired Echtra Games (Torchlight 3)

Zynga plans to bring its brands from mobile to PC and consoles

Echtra will collaborate with Zynga studio NaturalMotion (CSR Racing) on ​​an unannounced cross-platfrom RPGhttps: //

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