Zenith: announced a new MMO title for PlayStation VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just announced theMMO Zenith, coming for PlayStation VR Coming soon. The title in Virtual Reality was developed by the company Ramen VR, specialized in this kind of products. The goal of the software house is to give users back an adventure involving three universes: anime, MMO and virtual reality.

It's a VR MMO that combines a colorful open world with thrilling action and adventure. Our game features beautiful handcrafted environments that you will get lost in for hours. We have built a fantasy world, stylized and rich in detail, from the lush trees in the Amarite forest, to the turquoise waters of the Radiant Coast, to the hyper-futuristic city.

Through these words, Andy Tsen, CEO of Ramen VR, shared what users should expect from his work and that of his staff. Zenith will be set years after a catastrophic event known as "The fracture”And the players will have to fight against humans and gods to avert the danger of a new catastrophe. Thanks to the power ofEssenza, users will be able to become stronger and stronger, so as to defeat opponents who will gradually become stronger.

This special title was developed to give the player the most ample freedom of movement possible, for this reason, no action will be impossible to carry out, as you continue the adventure. About the combat system, Tsen assures it will be intuitive and simple to master. Obviously, being an MMO, the mass multiplayer component will be the master.

The game will feature a variety of party content, including epic bosses, public events, and dungeons. Particularly challenging content will require careful coordination, and this is where our guild system comes into play. Create your own guild with your friends and rise to the fore, or join an established guild to overcome the greatest challenges.

In short, it is a title that has all the credentials to do well. If you missed the other announcements that occurred during the PlayStation VR Spotlight you can retrieve those concerning I Expect You To Die 2 e Song in the smoke.



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