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Zack Snyder's Justice League we have been waiting for it for years, too many in fact. Speculations, gossip, movie and sports stars who boasted of having seen this phantom version of the colossal that we probably all wanted to see on the big screen. Well, after a very long wait, that much-coveted film has finally become reality. What happened during all this time? We could say "whatever!", Among babysitters present on the set "so that the director's work reflects the will of the production (Warner Bros.)", avid fans who did not want to see their favorites disfigured, a serious and unexpected bereavement that shook everyone's minds (the director's daughter, Autumn Snyder, took her own life following a severe form of depression), changes of direction and editing with lots of scenes shot three months after the entire cast had stopped filming and much more; in short, there was enough confusion. How could a film of this magnitude and after similar problems return to the spotlight in a new light? Well, there are countless elements that, after being eliminated from the film version edited by Joss Whedon, which drastically and methodically influenced the product. But how is it possible to talk about this version without making spoilers? It is useless to hide it, it is an arduous undertaking, difficult beyond words.

The film moves roughly on the same line as we have already seen in the cinema but with substantial differences and not only in the order of editing (which however, as it has been handled this time, makes the continuation of events much more coherent). The situation is as follows: Superman died following the events of the previous film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne continues his search for extraordinary people and does so not only for the promise made to Clark Kent but also for the premonitory nightmare he made in the past, where he was faced with an Earth destroyed under the yoke of a lord of the galaxy yet unknown but already cautiously feared. Wonder Woman then tells our billionaire in black that centuries ago Gods, Green Lanterns and men fought a dark enemy, Darkseid, who aimed to conquer the universe thanks to the power of the three Mother Boxes, an indestructible alien technology so advanced it has mystical traits. Steppenwolf is the lieutenant of Darkside and is looking for redemption for having "disappointed" and although we do not know how or why, it would seem that this redemption is located directly on Earth, which is the place where the three Mother Boxes were abandoned.

New and old friends from Zack Snyder's Justice League

In Zack Snyder's Justice League the heroes we have come to love are the same ones we could see in the original work but this time embellished with various particularly appreciable facets, elements that have contributed to making them more vivid, profound and "human", as much as possible. In fact, in this adventure Aquaman he will find himself becoming aware of who he could become, overcoming the difficulties related to being a man divided between land and sea; Wonder Woman she will stand as a bulwark of hope for all humanity and, although she is the only woman of the group, she will soon reveal herself as the backbone of all; Superman he will have to overcome his limits, demonstrating a strength of mind in forgiving completely different from what we saw in the previous version; Batman will appear less furious with himself and those around him, finding himself having to accept that there is a team at his side.

We now come to the two new entries - or almost - that with this film showed themselves in all their splendor, T e Cyborg; the first of the two is the boy of the group, the one who has to grow in every sense, first because he himself seems extraneous to his powers, second because he has to deal with an unjustly imprisoned father and an economic situation that is not exactly the best; the second is instead a promising football player who is about to enter a prestigious university but, due to a serious accident, loses his legs, one arm and half of his face, thus finding himself forced to transform into a real walking machine to survive. Moreover, as if this were not enough, in the accident he also loses his mother, an event from which the father is emotionally destroyed. Armed with alien technologies beyond the imaginable and only member of the group capable of dealing with the Mother Boxes, Victor will thus play a central role in the course of the film. In the film we will also meet new characters such as Desaad, advisor to Darkseid which appears in all its might, strong in awe that the same Steppenwolf proof against him, and the lord of Akopolips, Dakseid, who in his few scenes still manages to stand as ruler of the universe, menacing and dangerous at every shot.

The Justizia

Deep, powerful and not cloying: this is Zack Snyder's Justice League, this is the movie we should have seen in the cinema, the movie we deserved. The hope is that we want to continue with this "Snyderverse" since the director's overview leaves not only many open points on which to work well in the near future, but also many questions such as: what is Darkseid really talking about when he mentions the Antivita Equation? How did he escape from Arkham Luthor? What could we expect from the confrontation between the bat and Deathstroke? And in all of this, where are the Green Lanterns? What can be deduced by enjoying this film can be summed up in a hope, since the future that blocks our way, that effectively possible future and that we have seen before us on several occasions, is still there, waiting, and it necessarily needs that the majors become aware of what the public wants to bring it to light; we have no doubt that common sense will ultimately prevail. For now, however, we can only advise you to enjoy this long and exciting ensemble film.

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