YouTube: the publication of extreme challenges and prank is prohibited

Youtube has today updated its policies thus forcing youtubers to stop producing and replicating extreme and dangerous challenges. An example of these dangerous videos is that of Tide Pod challenge, planning to ingest detergent; another example is that of the Fire challenge, where in the past, taking on this challenge, some guys got burned or accidentally started a fire. Furthermore YouTube he says enough even those extreme and tasteless pranks that can cause physical trauma.

The measure comes a few days after the accident that saw a teenager crash while driving a car completely blindfolded. A reckless action that takes the name of Bird Box challenge, challenge inspired by the recent horror film starring Sandra Bullock produced by Netflix.

With the implementation of the new policies YouTube it will also take action against the jokes that are made to those children who are humiliated or terrified by their parents themselves, unconsciously monetizing their video. Precisely for this reason in the coming months the platform will remove all videos that will go against the new YouTube rules.

And do you agree with the measures taken by the platform or are you on the side of youtubers? Let us know in the comments.

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