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Fable Anniversary: ​​guide to find all the Silver keys


There are 30 Silver Keys scattered around the world of Fable Anniversary and we want to find them ALL.

"You're a Super Player" guide

In Fable Anniversary the silver keys will mainly be used to open the chests scattered around the map. Inside these chests you will find rewards of all kinds, such as the coveted legendary weapons (follow the guide to legendary weapons for more details).

Finding all the keys will also unlock the "You're a Super Player" achievement. Remember that after collecting a key the game will automatically save your progress, so you don't necessarily have to reach the next checkpoint.

Below you will find the list with directions to find all the keys, while at the end of the article you will also find a video that shows exactly how to take them all.

Silver Key # 1
Location: After leaving the Guild for the first time, you come across some vine branches. Destroy them to get to the first key.

Silver Key # 2
Location: After arriving in Bowerstone South, enter the first building on the left and go up the stairs to get the second key.

Silver Key # 3
Location: This key key can be "fished" by visiting Guild Woods from the Guild. Just buy a fishing rod and take it out.

Silver Key # 4
Location: Visit Greatwood Lake and turn right to find the key lying in plain sight.

Silver Key # 5
Location: This is also for fishing. Visit the area where you took part in the Hobbe Killing Contest with Whisper and you will find the key on the dock.

Silver Key # 6
Location: You will need to rescue a fisherman during the first half in Fisher Creek. Rescue the fisherman and go all the way to the back of his house to fish and get this key.

Silver Key # 7
Location: Go to Greatwood to visit the Rose Cottages and get this key from the nearby flower bed.

Silver Key # 8
Location: This key is found at the end of Hobbe Cave where the Hobbe Cave Quest was completed saving James. You will have to dig to find it.

Silver Key # 9
Location: You will need to go to the Darkwood brothel and use your bow and arrow. The key will be in plain sight, just outside the Bordello.

Silver Key # 10
Location: Located near the ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood. Head to the docking area and pick up the key. Be sure to check out both fishing spots and you can't miss it!

Silver Key # 11
Location: This key is awarded as a reward. To win it, simply complete Oakville's Beach's Pirate Ghost and enter the Kicking Kicking Contest. You need to score at least 150 points to win.

Silver Key # 12
Location: Once again, an unmissable key! Just go to Twinblade camp and retrieve it.

Silver Key # 13
Location: Head to the Gray House and then to the Demon's door. Sit down and fish a little for the key.

Silver Key # 14
Location: Just as you enter Witchwood Stones, turn left and look into the water. Yes, there is a key there.

Silver Key # 15
Location: Near Lake Witchwood you will find the red sculpture, underneath you will find a silver key.

Silver Key # 16
Location: Search between the house in Knothole Glade and the adjacent house.

Silver Key # 17
Location: Marry Lady Gray or become the mayor of Bowerstone North. Once you have done one of the two things you will be able to access Bowerstone Manor to get this key.

Silver Key # 18
Location: Go to Windmill Hill to find an isolated house. There will be small patch of land nearby, you will find them a key.

Silver Key # 19
Location: For this key go to the Gibbet Woods Mill. Dig behind the house.

Silver Key # 20
Location: Marry Lady Gray to get this other key.

Silver Key # 21, # 22 and # 23
Location: Dig into Lychfield Cemetery and dig to find these three keys.

Silver Key # 24
Location: While on your way to the jail to rescue your mother, check the Cliffside Path to get the key.

Silver Key # 25
Location: Get off the Drowned ship and you'll see a small tomb next to a house. You will find the key there

Silver Key # 26
Location: This key is found near one of the demon gates.

Silver Key # 27
Location: There is a lighthouse in the area where you met Maze. You will need to fish in this area to get the key.

Silver Key # 28
Location: To obtain this key, you will need to provide 25 different books to the Bowerstone teacher.

Silver Key # 29
Location: After rescuing the fisherman at Fisher Creek, return to take part in the Fishing Contest. Make sure you get 2nd place to be rewarded with this key.

Silver Key # 30
Location: Witness the pirate's ghost in Oakville and retrieve information about his treasure. Then head to the Memorial Garden and dig near the statue to get this last key.

Here is the video showing how to get all the silver keys:


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