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If Nintendo LABO were a platformer, it would be called Yoshi's Crafted World. Ebisu's creature for Nintendo Switch, given birth with a cure impossible to summarize in one review, is so imbued with fabrics, cellulose and rubber that it is the perfect digitized representative of Kyoto's toy kits. The choice of Good Feel is clear but particular, as well as far-sighted. Yoshi is almost an alien in the setting: a living, pulsating presence, but which exhausts his relationship with the player in the gameplay, leaving him delighted and enchanted by an artistic style that makes the dinosaur a creature out of context, walking around worlds where the he explosion of craftsmanship comes out of the screen and recalls the everyday, the real, moving away from fiction. The sensations experienced in traveling through the absolute maturity of Good Feel, a team capable of proposing an intelligent, full-bodied platform, never prolix in its horizontal development, sometimes brilliant in the vertical one, are strange and yet splendid sensations. For the developers, Yoshi's Crafted World is a complete work that amazes and perfectly condenses ideas into a delightful playful package, bringing a typically Nintendian art of design out of Kyoto.

By hand

Once again the story is a pretext to push Yoshi out of his habitat, in search of gems to restore an artifact called Wish Sun.. It begins like this, showing only the first portion of the map of the game world, as if not to weigh down the density of the experience, despite the fact that it is immediately wrapped in a stylistic veil that will make progress always light, rhythmic, never tiring. The greatest strength of the title is its desire to stay fresh, always offering different points of view to the design of the levels, all particular, uniquely assembled and brilliant in their composition of platforms, flora and fauna. Trust us when we tell you that Yoshi's Crafted World is a product that upsets and reshuffles the player's expectations, leading him to ignore the typical concept of advancement associated with titles single player.

Good Feel erases all previous history, establishing the foundations of a software capable of whispering that what matters, in its worlds of paper and cardboard, is not to drown in difficulty or reach the next level, but to explore while enjoying every artistic glimpse. This, at least, is what the game has continuously transmitted to us: i worlds they are numerous but short, made up of very few levels, each guided by a single idea of ​​playful design and style that carries on the development. It is a perfect formula, a recipe that works and excites without exhausting the player, continuously taken by the hand and taken step by step, calmly, through a multitude of settings. Ebisu and his team have created scenarios that ask only to be admired, playful testimonies of all the care and skill that expert artists have used to create backdrops, creatures, buildings and more generally every scenic element. Especially in the second half, without even realizing it, you will return little dreamy travelers, bewitched and fascinated by a riot of spontaneity and naive genuineness that will make even those who, reading these lines, believe that those corners of our personality are relegated to the distant past.

Eggs on the background

This wouldn't work without a gameplay oiled and sparkling. The multiplanar mechanics of egg launch convinces from start to finish and although the learning curve can sometimes conceal small inaccuracies in the management of the viewfinder, Good Feel manages to package a system that draws from tradition and carries forward the franchise with creativity. . A fun logic, complementary to the two-dimensional exploration, which provides nice ideas for searching for objects in the background, necessary to complete dedicated quests. If we add to this the icing on the cake represented by the possibility of playing the stages in reverse hunting for puppies Poochy - with a completely new vision on the "back" level - the equation on the playful offer of the title is solved. As you turn it, Yoshi's Crafted World returns a complete package, causing the player to repeat a section over and over to find all the Laughing alone hidden as well as complete life challenges and red coins.

È backtracking, true, but that does not tire by virtue of the skill of the team in having drawn perfectly balanced levels in their length. There is one drawback, in reality, hidden in the timed sections, in the long run a little heavy if faced several times in a row, which however does not spoil the overall thought. The summary of the speech is also perfectly applicable to infrastructure multiplayer, which offers the possibility to play in two on the sofa, enriching the offer of a further taste thanks to the mastery and expertise in detail with which the title is built. Playing with family or friends is the ideal summa of a design that pushes to observe, creating a social fabric that amuses and leads together to look for objects here and there, as well as aim, shoot eggs, wear clothes that can be purchased and find secrets and easter eggs. . We conclude with a reassurance on the longevity, truly consistent if your goal is to finish the title in its entirety (and we are sure you will) and on the sound, composed of a perhaps not very high number of tracks, but each capable of transmitting positivity as well as that feeling so typical of the franchise and so able to get stuck in your heads for days to come.


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Yoshi's Crafted World is and will remain an excellent game design manual for a very long time. The picture painted by Good Feel on the future of Yoshi is like never before full of light, good hopes and even better confirmations: the platform of the Japanese is stylistically and playfully flawless for a whole series of strokes of genius placed on the scales. Each level has its own identity, each creature is not random, the flow of progress is subject to a perfectly functioning logic of research and collection. Ebisu has managed to craft a product that not only provides a very strong dignity and authorship to the franchise, but rivals the best works of Nintendo itself in sagacity and genius. Recommended for anyone who still wants to get excited with a pure, carefree, dreamy and satisfying product in its essentiality.


  • artistically sublime
  • Exciting, fun, relaxing
  • A whole other approach to platforming
  • Long-lived and musically inspired
  • Repeating the levels several times in time is not the best
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