Yo-Kai Watch 1: Remaster for Nintendo Switch announced in Japan

Level-5 recently announced the imminent arrival of Yo-Kai Watch 1 to Nintendo Switch, a version remaster in HD of the very first chapter of the saga. This exclusive and renewed edition will be released next 10 October in Japan, both in physical format (at a price of 4.980 yen, or about 41 euros) and in digital format.

The same company has also opened a dedicated site for the occasion, in which some preview images have been shared. The Remaster therefore presents itself with significantly improved graphics and, as stated by the Level-5 itself, they will be included more features e additional content, like new places to be explored and new types of fish and insects.

【# 妖怪 ウ ォ ッ チ 1】 ニ ン テ ン ド ー 3DS ソ フ ト か ら は パ ッ ケ ー ジ も 大 き く 変 化! ジ バ ニ ャ ン の 大 き な 顔 が 目 印 に な っ た デ ザ イ ン に ♪ ロ ゴ に は 主人公 が 初 め て 出 会 う 妖怪 で あ ​​る ウ ィ ス パ ー も ...! 本 日 よ り 順次 予 約 開始 で す! Pic / 3uYbLlglOx

- 妖怪 ウ ォ ッ チ 4 【公式】 (@game_yokai) July 29, 2019

Furthermore, the compatibility of the title with all the toys in the series has been confirmed Yo-kai Art e DX Yo-Seiken, while for those interested who will proceed to the preorder will be given the opportunity to obtain (via download code) Ikakamone Chairman, Yo-kai still exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 4.

We do not know if and when the Yo-Kai Watch 1 remaster will also be released for the European market, but it is highly probable that in the short time we will be able to find out more information about the title.

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