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    Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the Trophy list for Playstation 3 di Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Re del KO
    Justice all kinds of enemies that can be executed.
    Going off the cuff
    Cannibalize all types of cannibalizable enemies.
    seven of the zombie
    Activate Bloodlust 10 times.
    Longing for bowels
    Enter 50 times in ninja time.
    It is not possible to go through here
    Counterattack all kinds of enemies.
    Lumps and shatters
    Paralyze 50 enemies with Bile Crystals.
    Death Launcher
    Launch 50 zombies.
    Elementary, dear Monday
    It causes all kinds of elemental effects on zombies and the environment.
    Wonders of chemistry
    Causes 50 elemental effects.
    Sick 0
    Create 7 Pestilential Clouds.
    Just the tip
    Complete mission 1.
    All mine is the city
    Complete mission 2.
    Brown belt
    Complete mission 3.
    Complete mission 4.
    I hate that
    Complete mission 5.
    Basic sweet base
    Complete mission 6.
    Insert the token
    Play in Arcade mode.
    Chain of command
    Make a series of 50 hits.
    Coupling combination
    Make a 100-shot streak.
    Perform a sequence of 5 or more executions.
    Subscriber to destruction
    Kill 1000 zombies.
    A living dead legend
    Achieve 25 Legend scores in the arena.
    Destroy an obstacle with elemental effects.
    Slight turbulence
    Yaiba wakes up in a bad mood.
    Armed and dangerous
    Yaiba has a new ace up his sleeve.
    Not very serious rubble
    Yaiba survives quite a tumble.
    Crack with laughter
    Yaiba reveals a family secret.
    Running out
    Yaiba gets his hands dirty.
    Last stop
    Yaiba directs the traffic.
    What a antic
    Yaiba joins the crowd.
    Hood and massacre
    Yaiba expresses himself sharply.
    Very deep
    Yaiba discovers religion.
    Heated leftovers
    Yaiba does not sleep peacefully.
    The miracles of science
    Yaiba returns to the crime scene.
    Holidays in the house
    Yaiba prende un po 'd'aria.
    Tourist by chance
    Yaiba takes a little trip.
    Stone sieve
    Complete mission 7.
    King of the arcade
    Complete Arcade Mode.
    Izuna's Descent into Hell
    Complete all missions on Hard difficulty.
    Complete all missions on Nightmare difficulty.
    Vomit oil
    Make a 200-shot streak.
    I can not more corpses
    Kill 5000 zombies.
    10 and praise
    Take no damage and become a Legend in 10 arenas.
    Too many words
    Collect all the story items.
    Unlock all of Yaiba's upgrades.
    Power to flowers
    Collect all health shards.
    Cash fragment
    Collect all the elementary fragments.
    Hellish massacre
    Complete all missions on Hell difficulty.
    Extraordinary bloody
    Achieve 50 Legend scores in the arena.
    Get all other trophies.
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