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La review by Yaga: The Roleplaying Folktale takes us to a world inspired by Slavic folklore, where values ​​such as magic, destiny and luck substantially condition people's lives. Like that of protagonist adventure, Ivan, a skilled blacksmith who lost his left hand in a fight and is seen by the other villagers as the most unfortunate man there is.

Based on these rumors, the Tsar decides to summon Ivan and entrust him with a series of missions that can increase its power over the territory: an extraordinary strength, eternal youth and other blessings that we will be able to discover in the course of campaign of the title developed by Breadcrumbs Interactive.

A history able to keep us company for at least ten hours, depending on how long we want to go into the numerous ones quest and the secrets the game has to offer, leading us to witness six possible endings determined by our choices.

Available exclusively on thunderstorm Apple Arcade, Yaga: The Roleplaying Folktale will soon arrive also on PC and console: a modus operandi not new to the digital platform of the Cupertino house, which represents on the one hand an advantage for subscribers and on the other an important moment of media attention for teams of often independent development, which in this way have the opportunity to make their projects known before ending up in the cauldron of online stores, crushed by the weight of much more publicized productions.

Gameplay and structure

Since the already mentioned narrative incipit, Yaga: The Roleplaying Folktale stands out for a fanciful and brilliant writing, almost always recited in rhyme both in the spoken English and in the subtitles in Spanish.

The intention is clearly to create the atmosphere of a medieval ballad, even if from this point of view the pleasant colonna sonora seems to be rowing in the opposite direction, accompanying the action with rhythms that in our opinion have little to do with events, characters and the places represented on the screen.

The touch controls are discreet, despite the implementation of a fixed and non-repositionable virtual stick, but it is with a controller Bluetooth that the game gives its best, quickly involving us in its exploratory mechanics and, above all, in the frequent fights that we will have to face to complete the various quests.

Yaga's protagonist, Ivan, can indeed wield a seemingly magical hammer, which he can hurl at enemies in style Thor because then you go back into his hands, and use a mix of somersaults and parries to nullify the effects of his opponents' blows, even when it comes to huge boss.

The performance of the impacts is excellent and therefore even the frequent random duels give satisfaction: also thanks to the different creatures that will appear in front of us, each with its own patterns in terms of movement and offensive maneuvers.

Supported by really beautiful graphics as far as the characters are concerned, we will therefore find ourselves visiting randomly generated environments, which change from time to time or in any attempts after the game over (in a somewhat frustrating way, to be honest), collecting precious minerals to build with weaponry and better equipment, as well as following the dynamics of a system of luck and misfortune that can also influence our path in an important way.


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Yaga: The Roleplaying Folktale is an interesting and original action RPG, artistically inspired both visually and soundly (although the music appears out of context), which gives its best in rhyming dialogues that we can exchange with various characters, eventually accepting their assignments. , and in a combat system that manages to make impacts very well, without overdoing it and maintaining a simple approach. Some aspects of the experience create a bit of frustration and repetition, but in general we are faced with an experience that Apple Arcade subscribers should definitely try, preferably with a controller.


  • Fascinating story, rhyming dialogues
  • Artistically very inspired
  • Nice combat system ...
  • ... even if you keep it simple
  • Some aspects that are a bit frustrating and repetitive
  • Beautiful but not very well chosen music
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