XIII: the remake of the historic FPS in cel-shading arrives in November

Digging a little into your memory, if you are a longtime gamer - but not too much - you will certainly remember Ubisoft and its cel-shaded FPS that made so much talk in its time: we are talking about the peculiar XIII, which goes against the trend of photorealism that wanted to gain more and more space in the genre, proposed in videogame sauce the style of the homonymous graphic novel from which it is taken, managing to retain all its "comic" verve. Appearing in the now distant 2003 in the panorama of video games, the title is preparing to make its return with a remake announced a few hours ago. Taking the reins of the project is another French studio that has given us many joys over time, that is Microids, with François Coulon (head of production of the team) who explains the reasons for the choice:

The idea for this remake came to us quite naturally, we felt that this story-driven FPS experience was missing in today's gaming landscape. Our goal is to bring the story of XIII to a new generation of gamers, with the best possible graphics and animations.

With the announcement also came a release date, which is set for 13st November of this year. To be able to use XIII Remake will be a wide circle of users (practically all), given that the title will be published in multi-platform for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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