XIII Remake: the title has been officially postponed for Nintendo Switch

The remake of the famous title XIII, first person shooter released on Xbox and PS2 way back in 2003 and made now by PlayMagic, was initially planned on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for this November 10th. Today, it was officially pushed back to next year with no final release date for the Nintendo hybrid console only. It was to give the sad news Microïds through a press release, where he confirmed the debut of XIII Remake on all other consoles for the set date and the postponement for the single Switch. To consolation of all this, however, we can view the new video released today on the YouTube channel that you can retrieve at the head of the article.

In the video we can see more closely some weapons and equipment to be used during the course of the adventure such as the bazooka or the 9mm pistol. The remake in question will contain all of the content from the original title as well as its iconic cel-shaded look, redesigned to take advantage of modern graphics and graphics engines. The software house finally let us know that XIII Remake will also have a special Limited Edition, available for all gaming consoles, which will contain inside:

  • the game
  • a hard metal case
  • 3 card
  • 3 in-game weapon skin

The country is still in shock after the murder of President Sheridan.
And you wake up hurt and with total amnesia on an east coast beach. The only clue to your identity is the number XIII tattooed on the collarbone and a locker key. Despite the memory loss, you realize that not everything has been forgotten, starting with the fact that you have incredibly quick reflexes, comparable to those of a well-trained government agent. You will soon begin to piece together your past, discovering what role you played in the assassination of the President of the United States and uncovering the most incredible conspiracy in the history of your country.

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