Xiaomi: sales from the Chinese company reach Apple's figures

The very young Chinese company - founded in 2010 - manufacturer of devices and smartphones Xiaomi it is reaching important milestones year after year. According to the latest report published by IDC, the Asian company has in fact managed to tag along with Apple as for the best-selling smartphones in the Q2 2019.

The analysis carried out shows how the market share currently present the following breakdown of sales: 22,7% Samsung; 17,6% Huawei; 10,1% Apple; 9,7% Xiaomi; 8,9% OPPO; 31% other companies. The Cupertino company is therefore only 0,4% from Xiaomi, and is holding onto a percentage that is very afraid of being overtaken by the competition in the future.

If you compare the data dating back to last year, always taking into account the same period, it is also possible to note that Apple's sales have actually generally decreased, in fact falling by as much as 2%. Among other things, 2018 was the year that consecrated the actual overtaking of Huawei in the smartphone sector, a company that has positioned itself immediately behind its rival since then Samsung. It would therefore not be impossible to see how, in the next market surveys, Xiaomi manages to finish third in the world ranking, thus making the further sinocentric market.

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