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Xiaomi Mi 11 does not connect to PC via USB cable. Smartphone users often connect their phone to their PC. This could be done to transfer files from one device to another for further use, such as freeing up space on the phone. However, sometimes users encounter some problems, which causes Xiaomi Mi 11 not to connect to PC via USB. Why does this happen and what can we do in this case? This guide works on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

Why does Xiaomi Mi 11 not connect to the PC?

If the user connects the smartphone to the PC via USB cable but the computer does not recognize it in any way, it means that the user has encountered one of the following problems:

  • a defective cable;
  • damage to the USB socket on one of the devices;
  • wrong drivers corresponding to the smartphone are installed on the PC, or they are not present at all;
  • when connecting the smartphone, the “Power only” option was selected;
  • malfunction of the operating system on one of the devices.

Therefore, all identified problems can be divided into physical and software. To determine the exact reason why the Xiaomi Mi 11 does not connect to the PC, it is necessary to check the hardware and settings of both devices.

How to solve the problem

First you need to make sure you are using a working USB cable. The simplest way is to charge the phone with the same cable. If the device is charging, the problem is not the cable.

The second point that users often overlook is the wrong connection type. When a user decides to connect the Galaxy A12 to the PC, a notification appears on the screen of the mobile device offering the possibility to choose one of several types of pairing:

  • charge only;
  • camera;
  • file transfer;
  • etc.

The default option is "Charge Only". In this case, the Android smartphone simply receives the charge from the computer. Check the pairing settings and select "Connect as media" or "USB storage". Only in this case the PC will recognize Xiaomi Mi 11 as a storage medium.

If nothing happens when you connect a mobile device to a PC (the device doesn't even charge), you need to check the functionality of the USB connection on the computer. For example, you can insert a USB flash drive or connect a mouse.

Physical problems (broken cable or connector) can only be solved by replacing components. If you have selected the correct type of connection (media) and you are using properly functioning accessories, faulty drivers become the root cause of the error.

Typically, they are installed automatically the first time you pair your smartphone and PC. The software is loaded only if there is an Internet connection. If you don't connect to a network, the drivers will not be downloaded. Therefore, it is recommended that you check your Internet connection. You can check the operation of the drivers as follows:

  1. Open Device Manager (press Win + R and enter devmgmt.msc).
  2. Find the MTP device or phone name in the list.
  3. Double click with the left mouse button.
  4. Click on "Update Driver".
  5. Select “USB MTP Device”.
  6. Click on "Next".
  7. Wait until the drivers are reinstalled.

If your smartphone doesn't appear in Device Manager, you can enable developer mode on your Android device.

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Go to "Developer Options".
  3. Enable the mode.
  4. Click on “Default USB Configuration”.
  5. Select "File Transfer".

If none of the tips have helped you to fix the Xiaomi Mi 11 not connecting to the PC, the only way to fix the problem is to reset the smartphone. This is done in cases where the user suspects that the association is defective due to viruses. To reset the settings, you need to:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to "Backup and Restore".
  3. Click "Reset Settings".

When finished, all files will be deleted from the device. To avoid losing important information, it is recommended that you create a backup copy first.

Alternative connection methods

If Xiaomi Mi 11 failed to connect to a computer via USB, you can try alternative methods to transfer information from one device to another:

  • using a microSD card;
  • tramite Wi-Fi.

The first option does not guarantee the need for a detailed description, as it is sufficient to insert the memory card into the adapter and connect it to the PC via the appropriate connector. However, this type of pairing will only allow you to transfer files to or from a flash drive.

To access your smartphone memory, you need to use a Wi-Fi connection. You will need additional software for this. For example, MyPhoneExplorer. You have to download the app both on your PC (from the official website) and on your phone (via Google Play). The connection is made as follows:

  1. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the MyPhoneExplorer application on your phone.
  3. Enter a password that will be used to establish the connection.
  4. Open the app on your PC.
  5. Press the "File" button and select the "Connect" option.
  6. Confirm the association by entering the previously selected password.

This will allow the smartphone to connect to the PC without using a USB cable. MyPhoneExplorer on your computer will display a list of all available files. You can transfer information from both your phone and its memory.

How to avoid this problem in the future?

In order for the situation not to happen again in the future, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Use only official accessories for connection. Don't buy cheap cables.
  2. Set the "Media Device" or "USB Storage" option on your phone.
  3. When performing the first pairing, be sure to install the drivers and update them if necessary.

Compliance with these three rules will save you once and for all from the problem with Xiaomi Mi 11 not connecting to the PC.

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