Xiaomi is ready to enter the folding smartphone market

In recent years we have witnessed the birth of a new approach to construction in the smartphone sector. Now used to seeing only flat devices, "tablet" style, some software houses like Samsung e Huawei they decided to break this monotony by proposing the “folding” style, horizontal or vertical. Motorola itself has chosen to enter this niche of companies by offering its first foldable Motorola Razr, most likely the original model of the past. The Chinese company too Xiaomian, now, she is interested in having her say.

From the first rumors circulated on the net it seems that the type of approach used will be that of a vertical folding (just like Razr and Galaxy Z Flip), using a display OLED flexible just like the Samsung one; the production of the latter could be entrusted to LG, already active in the sector having produced the same display to the competitor Huawei. The technology used by Motorola, on the other hand, does not seem to appeal to other companies who rate it as inferior.

The start of this production could start already in a few months and the device could be distributed by the end of the year. Nothing is known, at the moment, about the technical specifications, except that it will have a decidedly high cost given the "folding" technology not yet used by everyone, which causes prices to rise considerably. We leave you with this leaked image which could represent the finished product of Xiaomi.

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