Xenon Racer - Tested 3DClouds arcade style racing game

Presented as a world premiere, Xenon Racer is the umpteenth demonstration of how quality titles can also be created from small independent companies. Developed with da 3DClouds, which had already amused us some time ago with the kart game All-Star Fruit Racing, the game is inspired by the classic arcade driving titles, very popular in the 90s. Precisely for this reason, the developers preferred to keep the same gameplay spirit of the titles of that period. 

Set in 2030, Xenon Racer impresses with the futuristic design of the environments and cars, the realization of which was possible thanks to unique concepts created specifically for 3DClouds by an experienced Ferrari collaborator. We are therefore faced with wheeled cars with a very sporty (obviously), futuristic appeal, but definitely credible within the game world. It will be possible to customize the liveries of the vehicle to our liking, but always without affecting the gameplay, the real strength of this game.

The games are in fact very simple and immediate to approach, as was the case in the old arcade games, but in this the focus has been shifted to the player's ability, rather than to the complexity of commands. While not very difficult, Xenon it ensures fun and an adequate degree of challenge, thanks to the system based on the right timing in drifting and operating the boosters. All this while paying attention to the health of the vehicle, which if it receives too much damage will stop working, decreeing the game over. The multiplayer sector also winks at the arcade era, presenting a horizontal split screen for local games, but does not fail to look at the needs of today's players, offering the possibility to participate in online competitions. 

We had a lot of fun trying the demo presented at the fair, and it was not easy to break away from the controller because, it must be said, in Xenon Racer one game leads to another. A release date has not yet been given, but the release by SOEDESCO is expected in 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms. 

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