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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Trophy List [PS3]

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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Trophy List [PS3]



    Here is the list of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Playstation 3 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Savior of humanity
    Complete the game on any difficulty.
    Eliminate 50 aliens using explosive weapons.
    Reception Committee
    Kill 150 aliens.
    Get an "Excellent" rating in every category on a terrorist mission.
    Complete all research projects in one game.
    Let's operate!
    Complete all autopsies in one game.
    Eyes from the sky
    Launch a satellite.
    United in danger
    Get satellite coverage of all countries on a continent.
    Hunter and prey
    Take down one of each alien ship in a single game.
    It is not human!
    Produce Power Armor.
    Band of brothers
    Complete a mission without any soldier losses.
    Gold mine
    Acquire 1000 credits in one month.
    Assign 80 scientists to Research Laboratories.
    One gun at a time
    Assign 80 engineers to the Workshop.
    Assembly line
    Complete all Foundry projects in a single game.
    You have 5 seconds to obey
    Produci uno SHIV.
    Build a Science Lab.
    and practice
    Build a Shed.
    The future awaits you
    Complete a research project.
    Ready and operational
    Build a base structure.
    Ready to fight
    Produce an item.
    Drums in the abyss
    Access the deepest level of your base.
    Pleased to obey
    Fulfill a Council request.
    Reverse the situation
    Shoot down a UFO.
    It all begins
    Complete the tutorial mission.
    Champion of the Earth
    Complete the game on Classic difficulty.
    Lone wolf
    Clear a UFO crash site with a single soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
    the Reaper
    Kill 500 aliens.
    Falling stars
    Shoot down 40 UFOs.
    The cavalry will not come
    Have one of the starting soldiers participate and survive every mission in the game.
    Uphill road
    Reach the rank of colonel with one of the soldiers.
    Experience on the field
    Complete a very difficult kidnapping mission on Classic or Impossible within 5 turns.
    Complete the game starting from each of the 5 starting positions.
    There is no going back
    Beat the game in Hardcore mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.
    A walk
    Complete the game on Impossible level.
    You won
    Collect all trophies.


    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Secret Trophies

    New friends, new kills
    Win a multiplayer match.
    Death angel
    Eliminate an alien while in flight. Single player only.
    Beyond the veil
    Find a soldier with the Gift.
    Prisoner of war
    Capture a living alien.
    Stun an outsider.
    Where the X indicates
    Find out the location of the alien base.
    Big Brother
    Build the Hyperfrequency Network.
    On the shoulders of giants
    Build the Gollop Chamber.
    Like lightning
    You produce a Firestorm.
    Poison control
    Heal 5 poisoned soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.
    Unleash hell!
    Successfully assault an Overseer UFO.
    The volunteer
    Establish contact with the hive-mind of the Aethers.
    Ride of the Valkyries
    Win a mission with an all-female team. Single player only.
    Mentally control an Ethereal. Single player only.
    Get away from my planet
    Recover the Hyperfrequency Lighthouse.
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