XCOM 2 Collection could soon land on Nintendo Switch

XCOM 2, famous turn-based strategy title developed by Firaxis Games released in 2016 on PC first and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later, it seems to be about to land on the hybrid console too Nintendo Switch. Once again, in fact, a country like South Korea has registered a rating of the security in question through its own evaluation (Korean Ratings Board).

The version of the game we are talking about is that of XCOM 2 Collection, containing the expansion War of the Chosen and the four DLC packs released in 2018 on all consoles, except the Nintendo one. Reason why it comes to think that the only current gen machine orphan of this title will be able to welcome a new third-party video game in the future.

Although there is nothing official yet, it is fair to point out that the site in question has already anticipated some game releases in the past, which later proved to be correct such as that of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. We look forward to discovering the official status and to be able to put the title in question again.


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XCOM 2 is available for free on Steam and Xbox One ❯
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