xCloud may never arrive on iPhone and iPad

The tests on xCloud, the Xbox streaming service to play in streaming, which were held in this period on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad ended yesterday: although the preview test will last until September 11, for Apple devices l adventure ends here. While the Android trial went very well, there were limits on the iPhone and iPad: the Halo: The Master Chief Collection game-only trial and a limited number of 10.000 people.

The company told The Verge:

Our preview of Project xCloud on iOS is over and we are committed to bringing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming to Android customers on September 15th. Our ambition is to bring cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass to all devices.

Although the reasons are not known, it must be said that even Google Stadia is not available on iOS, as if to highlight how the Cupertino company is committed to blocking the various cloud gaming systems. Going back we can also see how Steam Link took about a year to be approved. Returning instead to Google, it must be said that Apple has allowed to put the mobile application in the price list: the only problem is that it only allows you to manage some functions, while it absolutely does not give access to the game in portability, which is really vital for a platform like Stadia.

Everything would seem to be linked to the restriction linked to remote access: in fact, the policies would speak of the limit of this service to personal devices only, and therefore a net block towards this type of services. Microsoft is planning to launch xCloud as a service linked to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15th. After the Android devices, the goal is to bring the application to Windows 10. And you, what do you think of this service? Are you interested in cloud gaming?

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