xCloud: here are the first screenshots of the web interface created by Microsoft

Thanks to the portal we can take a first look at the interface of the platform xCloud di Microsoft products, which will allow you to play a wide range of video games in streaming, via web browser, its PC e iOS mobile devices. The images, shown at the bottom of the news, highlight an interface characterized by a rather minimal graphic style, which does not differ much from what has already been seen in the xCloud version proposed for mobile devices based on Android operating systems.

In the upper right corner there is a box dedicated to the search for favorite content, while the central part of the platform is dedicated to the subdivision of games by categories. Respecting (and partly reinterpreting) the interface that has accompanied us on these years Xbox One, and today on Xbox Series X e Series S, each title is presented in an easy to interpret box, giving everything a pleasant sensation of speed and maximum accessibility to the contents (at least, this is the impression we got by looking at the images). According to reports from colleagues at, Microsoft employees would now be busy testing the xCloud platform in the Web version before making one available preview version aimed at the public.

As with xCloud in the versions dedicated to Android tablets and smartphones, the Web version dedicated to PCs and iOS devices includes a easy to read launcher and the possibility of quickly resume the latest interrupted games. It will also be possible to access all the titles that are currently available in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, reserved for subscribers of the Microsft service. Each game, once started, will be launched in mode full screen and will require a controller for the use of the games offered in the Xbox version. There is still no certainty about the streaming quality, so we do not yet know the resolutions and values ​​- such as the frame-rate - at which we can rely to enjoy the new service. It also appears that Microsoft is planning to offer this Web version of xCloud in the PC version of theXbox app su Windows 10. Furthermore, the service should currently be offered exclusively on the following browsers: Google Chrome e Microsoft Edge.

The screenshots shown at the bottom of the news are the property of portal. Before saying goodbye, we remind you that at the sunset of last October, rumors had become insistent that they wanted some streaming sticks dedicated to Microsoft's xCloud service. We also remind you that the DualSense of PlayStation 5 will be compatible with the platform of the colossus of Redmond.

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