xCloud: Apple opens the service, but the new rules do not convince Microsoft

With the upcoming launch of xCloud from Microsoft, Apple has recently changed the criteria ofApp Store in regards to streaming apps and services. But according to the recent reply by Microsoft products, the new rules established by the Cupertino house would still be insufficient. As you well know, the US giant's digital store has recently come under severe criticism for multiple policies, including those regarding the revenue share and restrictions imposed on game streaming. Specifically, the App Store had "banned" applications such as xCloud and Google Stadia due to security concerns.

However, it would appear that the company recently decided to change its policy by allowing cloud gaming services di Microsoft products e Google to finally land on the digital store of iOS, but obviously respecting "strict" conditions. The new guidelines ofApp Store would require the titles included in the various streaming services to be present on the store with a specific app and to be downloaded individually, preventing subscribers from purchasing a game more than once.

Despite Apple has decided to retrace its steps, allowing the various cloud gaming services to land on its digital store, Microsoft products decided to comment on IGN's microphones on the new policy adopted by the Cupertino company, stating that "it remains a bad experience for customers". We report in detail the words of the spokesperson for xCloud:

Players want to directly access the titles available in the catalog, using a single application, just like they do for films and music, and not be forced to download many applications to use the various games individually.

Our goal is to put players at the center of everything we do, and to give them the best possible experience. This underpins our cloud gaming vision.

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