Xbox Series X will be compatible with all Xbox One controllers

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to find out, through the official announcement by Sony, which PlayStation 4 accessories will be compatible with the next-gen console PlayStation 5. Among a long list of Headsets and other devices, such as the PlayStation Camera, the presence of the DualShock 4, the controller of Sony's current generation console, also stood out. The PlayStation 4 controller can in fact be used on the PlayStation 5, but it will not replace the DualSense as it will only be compatible with current-gen games. Obviously, Microsoft's response was not long in coming which reiterated, once again, the total backward compatibility of Xbox Series X.

Through a twitter on the well-known social Twitter, the official account of Xbox has in fact announced and reminded all users that Xbox Series X will support all Xbox One controllers. The console will therefore be compatible with the official Xbox One controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and the licensed controllers made by the well-known company SCUF.

In case you missed it: Xbox Series X will be compatible with ALL controllers for XBOX ONE with ALL GAMES
Official Xbox Controller
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
SCUF controller

ICYMI: Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with ALL Xbox One controllers across ALL games
🎮 Official Xbox Controllers
✨ Xbox Adaptive Controller
💪 Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers
⚡️ SCUF Controllers

- Xbox UK (@xboxuk) August 3, 2020

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