Xbox Series X: There will be no stickers on the front of the console

Streamer Robeytech recently claimed that Xbox Series X it would have presented, in its front part, a large sticker dedicated to the use and risks of HDMI, as well as Xbox One once removed from the box for the first time. The user obviously did it as a joke and with irony, as stated by himself in a post. However, the same intervened in the tweet Phil Spencer, who then wanted to confirm that, on the contrary, Microsoft's next-gen platform will not include any stickers. Below you will find the messages in question:

Oh no it won't!

- Phil Spencer (@ XboxP3) June 17, 2020

To be super clear I did that as a joke. I did not actually confirm anything 😜

- Robeytech (@robeytech) June 17, 2020

Leaving aside the aesthetics of the console, what is most awaited at the moment is certainly the next Microsoft event in July, in which the main Xbox Series X exclusive titles will be shown. Among these will be Halo Infinite, which will probably be shown even the gameplay. According to the latest rumors, however, there should be many other news, unfortunately still shrouded in mystery. We just have to wait for news from Microsoft to find out when the presentation will take place.

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