Xbox Series X: the price will not be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase?

On yesterday's day, Microsoft products confirmed his Xbox Games Showcase about the first-party of Xbox TV Shows X, which will be held on 23 July. While Halo Infinite di 343 Industries (software house already famous for having made the last chapters of the series) has been confirmed to appear at the event, some rumors say that a new one could also be announced Perfect Dark e Fable 4. Regarding the price of the console, it seems that this will not yet be revealed to the public, at least according to a very strong identity in the sector.

In fact, the London analyst makes us understand Daniel Ahmad, which chirped a fake poll about Twitter, suggesting that the price would not be revealed. Furthermore, Tom Office Series Warren of The Verge then responded by specifying that there will be "only games". If Microsoft does not give us a price this month, it could actually do so at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, but it is not certain that the conference will not be enriched by an interesting surprise. Likewise, we will have to see if Sony will follow suit and at the same time announce the price of the PlayStation 5. There are also rumors that suggest the announcement during the Xbox Game Showcase of the phantom low-cost version of the Xbox Series X, with a code name Lockhart.

The consul, so rumored in recent weeks, is said to be mountains 7,5 GB of RAM, a CPU with a lower clock than the counterpart and one GPU with 4 teraflops. If we compare this little info about Lockhart's hardware with Xbox One X (which mounts 12 GB of RAM it's a But by the full GPU acceleration tech with 12 teraflops), this is clearly lower, but it seems to be closer to one PlayStation 4 Pro. In any case, the console could be dedicated to Project XCloud and it will offer us a more advanced architecture. We remind you that these are currently only rumors, and that for its part the Redmond house has not yet made official communications. The only sure thing is this event, which we talked about in the article that you find at the following link.

Will there be pricing info at the Xbox Series X event?

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) July 6, 2020

no, just games

- Tom Warren (@tomwarren) July 6, 2020

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