Xbox Series X: The new controller will still use AA batteries

And after the very long debate on the comparison between the hardware architectures of PlayStation 5 ed Xbox Series X, Microsoft products has decided to shift the focus to the next generation controller, revealing the main features and differences from previous models. According to information released by the Redmond house, the new controller by Xbox Series X will feature several iterative enhancements, from the inclusion of a button entirely dedicated to sharing to the refinement of the d-pad and analog sticks. Unfortunately, just like its predecessors, it will still use AA batteries.

The "new" feature revealed has created a bit of a bad mood around the new controller Xbox Series X, since already the DualShock 4, and almost certainly the next "DualShock 5“, With built-in rechargeable batteries. Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at Xbox, speaking with Digital Foundry said that Microsoft wants to offer more options and greater flexibility to the gamer, stating that 50% of users still prefer to use AA batteries. We report below what is declared:

We talked directly with the players, it's kind of polarization, there is still a large slice of users who really want AA. We want to offer maximum flexibility to users to meet their requests. With this system you can always use a rechargeable battery pack that works exactly like the one on the Xbox Elite Controller, but it's a separate thing.

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