Xbox Series X: The base stand cannot be removed

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As you well know in the past few days Microsoft products positively surprised its fans, and gamers from all over the world in general, revealing not only the much chat Xbox series s, but also the price of the next next-gen consoles. But that's not all, as in the last few hours an important detail related to the design of the Xbox Series X. As confirmed by Microsoft itself, commenting on a recent tweet from the well-known insider Shinobi602, the device cradle cannot be removed, as the latter was "designed" to be positioned vertically.

The choice by the Redmond house is not accidental, given that the design of the console was thought for preserve over time the exodus internal hardware and ensure correct operation of the cooling system. Xbox Series X will feature an AMD 7nm 8-core 3,8GHz custom CPU (3,6GHz with SMT); a 12 teraflops 1.825 GHz GPU (locked); RAM 16 GB GDDR6; Frame Rate up to 120 fps and a maximum supported resolution up to 8K. Finally, the console will have an HD Blu-Ray optical player and will have a storage space equal to 1TB of NVMe SSD.

In the past, some Microsoft consoles have suffered from some problems related to device overheating. The first version of Xbox 360 frequently presented this problem, causing the display of two red LEDs around the power button of the console, well known to the most experienced gamers as "Red Ring of Death". We remind you that Xbox Series X e Xbox series s will pre-orderable starting from the next September 22th, at the price respectively of 499,99 € e 299,99 €. While the market debut of the two consoles is scheduled for November 10 2020.

[Shinobi602] The Xbox Series X cradle is not removable, according to DMC_Ryan. We have lost this battle, horizontal support.

[Xbox] It deserves a pedestal (and perfect airflow).

It deserves a pedestal (and perfect airflow).

- Xbox (@Xbox) September 10, 2020

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