Xbox Series X: Super fast startup of the new Microsoft console shown

As we all know by now, both new generation consoles will be much faster than the current and past ones thanks to the installation of Custom SSD inside the heart of every machine. These will replace traditional hard drives now considered "obsolete" when it comes to launching programs or games, and the difference between current-gen and next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5), in terms of booting and loading, it will be very impressive. Although these performances, for those used to playing on PC, do not seem like a real novelty, the customization of the related SSDs inside the new machines really promises sparks.

As you can see from the video at the bottom of the article, some of the new consoles, in this case Xbox Series X, have already been sent to certain people or specialized portals who, piece by piece, reveal some intriguing mechanics. Among these could not miss Jeff Grubb by VentureBeat which praises the new Quick Resume function and the overall speed of the machine.

My overall conclusion is that Xbox Series X will immediately improve the quality of many of the games in your library. However, some titles that have frozen frame rates or resolutions probably won't see much improvement over traditional rendering. Despite this, they will see improvements such as HDR.

Among the various innovations that this generation of consoles will bring with it, that of almost zero loading times is certainly one of the most interesting and relevant, making not only the gaming experience more performing and qualitatively better, but also the simple navigation in the home becomes more pleasant to use as a result. Speaking instead of internal disk capacity and the possibility of further expanding both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we leave you to the following article where you can see in detail the pros and cons.

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