Xbox Series X / S, Nadella warns: "we are very focused on games"

According to what has emerged in the last few hours Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, confirmed the company's willingness to be very focused on strengthening the presence of the Xbox brand on the market, illustrating what future strategies could be. At the company's annual shareholders' meeting, it wasn't just about the excellent sales of Xbox Series X / S, but also of the stock of the Redmond house and of how the American giant intends to guarantee over the years, over the years, to its community, increasingly better services and consoles. We report in detail the words of Satya Nadella:

First, we are very excited about the launch of the new consoles on the market. We have always focused on ensuring that our community has a new generation of consoles at their disposal, powerful and absolutely designed for gaming. And we're trying to do that with the best possible content. But the vision is broader, we want to ensure that the three billion gamers out there are able to play their favorite games wherever they want, from any device and with whoever they want. And it is precisely on this that we are building our strategy.

You have seen us double our content portfolio after the acquisition of ZeniMax, we are working hard to meet the needs of our community and improve the services available with Game Pass. And this is what you should expect from us. We are absolutely very, very focused on games and we want to ensure that all three billion players around the world get the best content, the best community and the best cloud services to make the most of their gaming experiences in the future.

Therefore, Satya Nadella not only confirmed the desire to further enrich the Game Pass offer, allowing players to be able to enjoy the various contents from any device, but also reiterated that Microsoft will consider the purchase of other software houses in the future. We remind you that Xbox Series X / S they made their official debut last year 10st November, selling more than a million units in just 24 hours.


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