Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft working to increase production

The new state-of-the-art console Microsoft products continues to grind sales. Xbox Series X / S it is sold instantly, all over the world, but the company is unable to keep up with the great demand from users due to various problems that mainly concern the production of the console. Although it was found that PlayStation 5 is the most requested console, even the Xbox Series X / S is not doing badly at all, which is selling out as soon as it returns to store shelves, even two months after its launch.

The American executive Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, in the recent interview for the podcast of the Major Nelson, was able to answer some of the questions that have gripped users in this period of chaos for the gaming industry. Spencer confirms that the company has done everything possible in recent months to be able to increase production but that, due to the current situation in which it pours the whole world, there have been slowdowns on the production pipeline. His words on the matter were as follows:

Some people have asked me “Why didn't you build more? Why didn't you start earlier? Why didn't you send them before? " It just depends on physics and engineering. We're not holding back consoles, we're building as many of them as possible. We have all assembly lines in operation. Last week I was on the phone with Lisa Su from AMD and I asked her, "How do we get more?" So it's something we work on constantly.

This obstacle remains a problem that still grips Microsoft, while the recent increase in interest in video games shows no signs of stopping. The videogame industry in 2020 had a boom, coming to cash in much more than the cinema and sports industries. Accomplice is the world health situation that has reduced to the bone the possible leisure activities for the population, and a need for distractions. Video games are increasingly in demand and it is a fact that does not seem to be about to fade even in this new 2021.

To create problems and prevent players from being able to get their hands on the new Microsoft consoles there are also the bots who regularly buy a large quantity of consoles as soon as they are put back on sale again, only to be resold by touts at crazy prices, even going so far as to ask for three-zero figures from players eager to get their hands on the next-gen. It is a frustrating situation for fans, especially as there is still no way to prevent this from happening, while these unscrupulous "dealers" are getting rich fast.

The situation will smooth out as production increases and demand decreases. Everyone will be able, some first and some later, to enjoy their Xbox Series X or the smaller Series S, in due course. Microsoft is doing its utmost to satisfy its customers by increasing the production of consoles, all that remains is to grit our teeth and wait for the problem to be solved and the difficulties resolved.

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