Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft apologizes for the shortage of consoles

As reported by Tim Stuart, chief financial officer of Microsoft products disparity between supply and demand related to Xbox Series X / S will last for a few more months. This period, in which it will not be easy to find the console, both in its X format and in its S format, should last until April 2021.

In detail, these are the words of Tim Stuart, during the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference:

I think we will continue to see supply shortages even in the post-holiday first quarter. Then, as we enter the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, our entire supply chain continues to speed up into the pre-summer months.

The fourth quarter of the fiscal year will start, in fact, in April 2021. Approximately starting from that period it should be easier to find Xbox Series X or Series S specimens for sale. To echo and substantially confirm the difficulty of MIcrosoft in this period in relation to the supply of next-gen consoles is also Phil Spencer:

The problem that is most reported to me by users is that relating to the difficulty of finding consoles for sale, and I really apologize for this. We have been producing new Series X and S models for almost two months and are trying to get as many as possible to stores, but the demand is really high.

Xbox Series X and Series S are available since last 10st November. Are you also desperate for the new console? To pass the wait you could take a look at the our Series X review. Furthermore, we analyzed the differences between Xbox One X / S and Xbox Series X / S, to help you choose the best console according to your needs. Finally, we addressed the topic related to cross-gen games that are landing (and will soon arrive) on the next generation consoles: they are really evil?

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