Xbox Series X / S - Guide to Resolving Black Flickering with VRR

With the debut of Xbox Series X / S, unfortunately some users have encountered problems on the platforms. As these are brand new machines this is more than normal, but luckily there are some remedies to try to solve the situation and live your gaming sessions with peace of mind. We want to deepen today the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S black flickering, encountered by users with the use of VRR (Variable refresh rate) mainly with the coupling of the panels Samsung and the next-gen license plate Xbox. This is a problem that creates various "flickers" on the screen, as well as graphic artifacts of various kinds, especially on the dashboards. They are currently present 3 possible precautions to prevent this problem from showing up, but if these are not enough to solve the situation, users will unfortunately have to disable the VRR momentarily. Surely the Redmond house will work soon to solve the problem, and within some time it will no longer be encountered by users, but let's see now how to try to fix it currently.

First of all it is necessary make sure you are using the correct original HDMI 2.1 cable, present in the package of both consoles, as well as clearly that the connections between the Xbox Series X / S HDMI out port and that of the panel are carefully firm. The second thing to do is update the firmware of your monitor or TV, which should solve the situation in most cases. As a last resort you can also make sure that your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S also has the firmware updated to the latest version. If this is not the case, simply by updating the machine you may be able to solve the aforementioned problem.

Hoping that the guide will be useful to you, and that you have successfully solved this annoying problem, we refer you to our section dedicated to the two new Xbox platforms, you can access it through the following link.

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