Xbox Series X / S: For Phil Spencer, this is a smaller investment than the PlayStation 5

The launch of the new next generation consoles is increasingly around the corner, with Xbox Series X / S that will arrive on shelves all over the world starting from the next one 10st November and PlayStation 5 a few days later. As in any other situation like this, choosing between one console and the other is never easy. It was a bit of a peacemaker Phil Spencer who, coincidentally, wanted to express their own thoughts, praising and promoting what are the ideas of Microsoft products and to which public they are most targeted, obviously taking into account the data of the last few years and the last Xbox One.

Good Phil wanted to compare next generation Xbox consoles with the sales model offered by Sony and its PlayStation 5. Series S, for obvious technical reasons, is obviously inferior (albeit in part) to the flagships of their respective companies. Despite this, the attractive price and the offer proposed by the service Xbox Game Pass, may be the key to the success of this console considered the "little sister" of the true next-gen machine. In an interview with a Spanish news bulletin, Spencer shared a very simple thought that surely many of you will have faced in these days to dispel the last doubts about buying one or the other console.

You know, gambling can be an expensive hobby. I see some stocks have now reached a price of $ 70 or more. The consoles cost around $ 500, and I think both are a hefty investment for people who don't play video games every day… the more casual gamer or a family that has to balance a lot of things would struggle with these costs.

Spencer himself added that the past generation of the Xbox family has seen a notable increase in players after prices have dropped (not to mention collapsed). Following this, the head of the Xbox division believes that Series S, priced at only $ 300, will offer a large number of casual or less demanding gamers, a world of fun and a much more convenient way to play thanks to the use of the Xbox Game Pass which is beyond, at least in part, having to purchase a single game each time at the list price of $ 70 or more. What do you think? Which of the Xbox Series X / S do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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