Xbox Series X / S: a teaser trailer anticipates the arrival of important news

According to what emerged from the Twitter account of Xbox, it would seem that the Redmond house is ready to reinforce its marketing campaign, “Power Your Dreams“, with a new announcement! The tweet, accompanied by a short clip that you can conveniently find at the bottom of the article, not only reads the phrase "This will be one of those dreams you never forget", but suggests that the press release may be somehow linked to Master Chief.

It is currently unclear whether the new announcement of Microsoft products will have the agent as its protagonist John 117, but given that he is one of the most important protagonists of the Redmond house, the possibility that the press release has very little to do with Halo Infinite, since the team of 343 Industries repeatedly asked his fans for patience and understanding. To further increase the curiosity on the part of gamers, we thought the same John Munsee, Xbox's senior marketing manager, revealing that we will find out more details on the next news arriving today, Monday December 7. Here is Munsee's full tweet: 

We are excited to share the next chapter of our #PowerYourDreams campaign.

The full disclosure will come tomorrow. #XboxSeriesX

Waiting to find out more information on the subject, we just have to wait to find out what the American giant will have in store for us and if the new marketing campaign of the Redmond house is in some way linked to the project 343 Industries. We remind you that Xbox Series X e Series S they made their official debut last year 10st November, selling more than a million units in just 24 hours. 

👀 Excited to share the next chapter of our #PowerYourDreams campaign.

Full reveal coming tomorrow. #XboxSeriesX

- Josh Munsee (@joshmunsee) December 6, 2020


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