Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer autographs a console for a charity auction

A 'Xbox Series X signed by Phil Spencer in person is currently up for auction, and all the proceeds will be donated to charity. Spencer collaborated with i New York Game Awards to sign the console, which is now being auctioned and the proceeds will go to support the New York Video Game Critics Circle, a non-profit association. This charity helps supporting disadvantaged students in the Bronx and Lower East Side of New York. The console is practically new, and was only opened to allow one of the company's bosses to sign it.

Certainly a commendable initiative by the manager of Microsoft products. There has been a high level of interest in the auction at the moment, which matters so far over 50 offers, which brought the price of the console to exceed $ 2500. The description of the internet sale states that the signed Xbox Series X will be “carefully packed” and insured before going to the winning bidder. The auction is only available in the United States, and offers yes they will close on February 2nd. It will certainly be interesting to follow the story to find out what will be the figure that will reach the highest offer from users. Spencer chose to donate this console during the 26th edition of the New York Game Awards, which took place on the evening of January XNUMXth.

In this very difficult moment for everyone due to the global pandemic, this small gesture by Phil Spencer together with the user who will decide to buy the console will certainly be a small but fundamental contribution to the improvement of the general situation, and we hope that this type of initiative can be followed by other important figures of the videogame world and not. $ 2500 is certainly a high figure for a console, but given the importance of the cause, we are confident that the final sale figure will prove even higher.

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