Xbox Series X - New details emerge on the Next Generation of consoles

Microsoft products she feels inspired: strengthened by an increasingly interconnected world, where the barriers between players, developers and streamers seem to be more and more ephemeral, she tells us that creativity has never been as flourishing as it is today in the world of gaming; the cloud certainly represents an important step but it is not the only one that will accompany the new generation of the green house, in particular represented by Xbox Series X.

A better balance between power and speed

If compared to the current generation Xbox Series X will bring with it a technological advancement from all points of view, a better dynamism, a living world that minimizes every minimum distraction factor in order to immerse the player almost entirely on the screen. Brute power is only part of the story that will characterize Series X:

  • A Next Gen Custom processor: thanks to the new processor created specifically by AMD, based on a Zen 2 technology and RDNA 2 as an architecture, in Microsoft they can boast a computing power that is four times that of an Xbox One, if we then add a GPU capable of generating 12 TFLOPS or twice the current Xbox One X, the result can be mind-blowing.
  • A variable Rate Shading: A Microsoft patented system for maximizing the efficiency and power utilization of Series X. Instead of having the GPU process every single pixel on the screen, you can decide to maximize only certain elements or game effects, this will allow you to have a more stable and decidedly personalized frame rate with the result of the best aesthetic result ever before.
  • A DirectX Raytracing accelerated through the hardware itself: to have a realistic immersion in the game world, Series X is able to faithfully reproduce the reflections of light on objects and backgrounds from reality, then reproducing each sound in the exact way the brain expects it: this is something never seen on a console.

Instant Immersion

Obviously, no one wants to wait to play and this is where Microsoft has taken advantage of the community's feedback, implementing innovative elements within its new jewel:

  • SSD: forget the old Hard Disks that have accompanied us until now, now we need a faster system and this is the password: speed!
  • Fast Recovery: a function that allows the player to pause the game, at any point, open other games at the same time, and when he has finished doing what he is doing, return exactly to the previous game, at the point where he left it, without solution loading.
  • Dynamic Input without Latency: you have surely heard that a gaming professional prefers mice, keyboards and controllers with wires, this to avoid the delay (lag) from the moment he presses the button until the moment his character or vehicle performs the desired action ; well thanks to a new ultra-fast connection patent, the new Xbox Series X has eliminated the problem of wires: enjoy the maximum of wireless gaming!
  • HDMI 2.1: thanks to the arrival of the new TV panels, implementing this function was quite simple; if you have access to a TV equipped with an HDMI 2.1 port, your Series X will auto-set the specifications of the TV it is connected to, always offering you the minimum of lag and image response latency.
  • Support 120 fps: yes, it is possible to reach and overcome the 60 fps barrier on consoles, even doubling it!

In all of this, Microsoft wants to create a player-centric system, where the player is the center of everything.

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