Xbox Series X: more details of the Quick Resume feature revealed

It is now just under a month to arrive in the shops of Xbox Series X, the next generation platform of Microsoft products which will rival PlayStation 5. Thanks to the pounding promotional campaign of the Redmond company, you know everything or almost everything about the new console, both at the hardware and at the software level. Still, details continue to emerge regarding the characteristics of some new features introduced. Among these there is certainly Quick resume. Heavily advertised by Microsoft, this feature allows you to play your games on Xbox Series X and Series S, suspending them in order to be able to resume them instantly when necessary.

Thanks to the use of solid state hard drives (SSD), Microsoft engineers have been able to reset the loading times of the games and, thanks to Quick Resume, players will be able to switch from one game to another without having to wait annoying waiting times.Moreover, as reported in our previous article, some evidence shows that it will be possible to keep suspended until Giochi 12 simultaneously. In addition to these features, more details have been released on the net in the last few hours about this peculiar feature of the Xbox Series X.

It was to make them known Alanah pearce, blogger and voice actress in video games such as Cyberpunk: 2077 e Gears 5. According to Pearce on her Twitter account, suspended games can be resumed at the same point we left them. even after disconnecting fully power the console. The same blogger attached a video in the next tweet, showing how Quick Resume works after it moved the Xbox Series X from where it was previously connected. If on the one hand this function had already found favor from the public and professionals, knowing that even with the console disconnected the games will be kept where we left them can only increase the value of the user experience.

I've seen a few people asking 'what the point' of Xbox's Quick Resume is. To be clear: games stay 'resumed' even when the console is off. It's not about swapping between 3 games in one hour, it's about the 3 games you play over a WEEK being fast to load every time, for example.

- Alanah Pearce (@Charalanahzard) October 12, 2020

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