Xbox Series X: Microsoft would be ready to acquire new studies

According to some recent statements Microsoft products he intends to acquire other development studios, to be able to significantly expand and enhance the offer of titles that will be available on his new console, Xbox Series X. To confirm it was precisely Phil Spencer, head of the division Xbox di Microsoft products, during an interview granted to, in which the head of the Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, and some of the executives of the famous company. Microsoft products it has always shown itself ready to invest in independent development studios, but now it seems willing to expand again the number of software houses it collaborates with.

We have recently acquired some new studies and we want to make sure they are integrated in the best possible way. Matt and I were talking about it, we just want to make sure we treat the new development studios we partner with as integral parts of the organization. We want them to feel supported. The Xbox Game Pass catalog and the number of subscribers continues to grow. We are launching a new console, Xbox Series X. Last year was the best year ever on PC in terms of revenue. Many businesses are doing really well, so we are willing to invest in the market to give opportunities to studies. The top priority was making sure the studios had everything they needed to create the best possible versions of their games. This, among other things, also means knowing how to extend some of the deadlines and give them more budget. We have strong support from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Amy Hood, CFO. There has been no sign to date that we should slow down. We are always out there talking to people. But it has to be the right opportunity.

Please note that Microsoft products in recent years it has started to collaborate with many development studios, among which we can also find Ninja Theory, InXile, Obsidian Entartainment, Undead Labs e Playground Games. According to some recent rumors, Microsoft products would be one of several companies interested in a possible acquisition of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, from the parent company AT&T. However, AT&T has reportedly not yet decided whether it will sell the company.

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