Xbox Series X: Microsoft unveils the next-gen console dashboard

The wait for the arrival on the market of Xbox Series X, the next generation console of Microsoft products, is becoming more and more spasmodic and everyone is eager to discover as much news as possible on the new videogame platform that will take the place of Xbox One. After having shown the appearance of the console in recent weeks, some games from the line-up and the news that will distinguish the service Xbox Game Pass, the Redmond giant has decided to publish a video on its official Youtube account, which you can find at the beginning of the article, in which the new one is shown for the first time dashboards which will be present inside the new flagship.

The appearance ofgraphic interface of Xbox Series X is nothing more than a refinement of that already present on the previous generation of Microsoft consoles, refined thanks also to the suggestions of those who have joined the Insider program. Chris Novak, Head of Research and Design for the Xbox platform said that the graphical aspect of the interface has been changed in order to make the text more readable and the elements on the screen easier to understand at first glance. This was mainly possible through the improvement of the shape of the tile and the use of a character dedicated, in order to keep the layout of the pages as familiar as possible for those used to the previous interface.

Two other innovations previously unveiled by Microsoft are Xbox Velocity Architecture e Quick resume, which will allow you to access the games much faster than in the past and which, thanks to the new graphic interface, will make the user experience even more satisfying. In particular, thanks to Quick Resume it will be possible keep up to 5 games active simultaneously and switch between them in just six seconds. As reported by Microsoft on Xbox Wire, thanks to the optimization work carried out during the development of the new dashboard the Home screen it will load 50% faster when the console is started and it will load almost 30% faster when returning from a game, consuming even 40% less resources than in the past.

Finally, the Redmond company announced the development of a 'application for mobile devices which will allow you to send messages and communicate with your friends without necessarily having to use the console and to share gameplay from Xbox to post them on social networks via your smartphone. The app will likely be available starting in the month of November, which is when the new dashboard and Xbox Series X make an appearance in stores around the world.

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