Xbox Series X: Microsoft confirms some outdated technical specifications

We were able to see with certainty which technical specifications will characterize the consoles of the next next-gen, especially those of the new home consoles Microsoft products, Xbox Series X e Xbox series s. Two machines, which between their component differences, will try to revolutionize the future of home gaming. But not all that glitters is gold, in fact some technical specifications are obsolete, compared to what was shown in the trailers. Microsoft has released a more specific datasheet of the two consoles, revealing that the system Wi-Fi and that of the doors USB will remain unchanged and it will be the same as the previous ones Xbox One X e Xbox One S.

From the technical data sheet published by Microsoft it is clear that the antenna that will make up the connectivity system will use the module 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi, which means that both consoles will rely on one device Wi-Fi 5, compared to the modern and faster Wi-Fi 6. The same components were used in the consoles of the previous generation, as well as on Xbox One X e PlayStation 4 Pro. Put simply, the new standard of next-gen consoles is not the updated next-gen standard that everyone expected. A move that for many was quite disappointing on Microsoft's part, given that the new machines had to establish themselves on the market as the most powerful last generation of the moment.

The data sheet specifies the presence of the system USB 3.1 Gen 1, completely undermining the hopes of many who expected technology USB-Ca small upgrade when compared to the USB 3.0 generation present in Xbox One X. The USB technology chosen for the Xbox Series X and Series S is not to be underestimated, in fact it will be quite comfortable to have a remarkable transfer and backup speed, if we would like to use the titles of the older generations (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Original).

Among the confirmed technical specifications, the information dedicated to bluetooth is missing, given Microsoft's new move to adopt a new wireless technology dedicated to controllers.

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