Xbox Series X: Here are all the details of the Quick Resume function

In recent days, many journalists and famous personalities, such as the American rapper Travis Scott, are starting to get their hands on the next generation consoles. In the last few hours, in particular, there has been a particular focus on Xbox Series X and on one of the features that all fans are eagerly awaiting, and that will surely have a big impact on the net-gen console of Microsoft products, Namely Quick resume. A bit like it already happens with the systems of the current generation, this new feature will allow players to suspend their game at any time, and then be able to resume playing exactly at the same moment in which we had interrupted. With the advent of SSD within ninth generation systems loading times can be reset almost completely, so this function will allow you to "freeze" multiple games at the same time and apparently, after the first tests carried out on the console, Xbox Series X will be able to keep up to 12 games pending at the same time.

Thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out by the guys from the American portal Ars Technica, we discovered a lot of news on the Quick Resume of the Microsoft console, which in addition to keeping more than ten games active at the same time manages to switch from one title to another with high speed allowing you to change game in just eight seconds. It must be specified, however, that the console has been tested only with software of the current generation and even those of the past, so the effective storage and loading power of the games could decrease with the titles that will be released in the coming years, but unfortunately to get answers on this front we just have to wait.

For now from the front of PlayStation 5 no news has arrived on the new functions present in his system, but if the Quick Resume will really allow you to switch between the video games in your possession with this speed it could really set a new standard for fixed consoles, and if Sony's console fails to keep pace on this front, it will surely need to arm itself to be able to keep up with Microsoft's game.

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Xbox Series X - New details emerge on the Next Generation of consoles ❯
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