Xbox Series X: Greenberg and Spencer talk about the Xbox 20/20 of July

There has been a lot of talk about PlayStation 5 thanks to the reveal of games and consoles of the previous weeks, but theXbox Series X. In fact, news has come from Microsoft products about the named event Xbox 20/20, which will take place in July. The company ensures that it will be the most exciting and largest event ever and it is already rumored that proprietary games will be presented such as Halo Infinite and the much talked about version of Xbox Series X digital only, without optical reader. Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing director, announced on Twitter that along with Phil Spencer they are defining the main lines of the event, but it is still too early to indicate a rough date. Fans can rest assured though, because news, especially on the content of the program, will arrive soon. The whole team is working hard to make the July event memorable, especially after the event that took place in May, which many judged to be far below expectations.

That Inside Xbox, in fact, had focused on third-party games, such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and had disappointed many fans. Aaron Greenberg himself acknowledged that he had made a mistake with Microsoft by setting the wrong expectations for the event, but he was immediately ready to reverse the course, betting everything on the next event. There will also be more news and previews on the same non-proprietary games, but the attention will certainly be focused on Halo Infinite, which will arrive five years after the release of the previous chapter. Halo 5: Guardians. The new title will feature the engine Slipspace, completely new, capable of ensuring an exciting gaming experience.

In short, the battle between Sony and Microsoft for the new generation of consoles has already begun, well before they are released on the market. Fans will already be able to start having fun between events, reveal, trailers and preview gameplay. The world of video games is about to take the next big step!

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