Xbox Series X goes up in smoke on Twitter, but it's just a joke

Yesterday 10 November was the day-one of Xbox Series X e Xbox series s, inaugurating in all respects the new videogame generation. Since yesterday, many users and enthusiasts have been flooding social networks with a flood of photos and videos dedicated to the new console of Microsoft products, showing it in all its beauty in their living rooms or in their gaming stations. Between unboxing videos or small gameplay sections, however, in the last few hours some videos are also popping up showing Xbox Series X that literally goes up in smoke, with a large blanket of greyish vapor escaping from the air intake at the top of the console. What would appear to be causing this problem is excessive overheating of the system, which would lead to some internal contact burning and causing the aforementioned cloud of smoke ... but apparently it is a simple joke.

The aforementioned video, which has now gone viral on Twitter, would appear to be a simple optical illusion designed to create a stir: the smoke you see in the videos does not exit the console, but it was simply blown into the bottom of the car with a joint electronic cigarette or vaporizer, only to be pushed upwards thanks to the same internal fan as the Xbox Series X giving the feeling that the console was about to catch fire. So don't worry, your new consoles are safe and your living room will not catch fire while playing with the new product of the Redmond multinational, even if the internet people have not lost a second and have already flooded the web with memes on memes regarding this unfortunate inconvenience.

This episode alarmed Microsoft not a little, which after confirming that their products have not failed as the video at the bottom of the news would have confirmed, wanted to investigate the matter even more thoroughly. overheating, which still seems to be one of the most reported problems by users following the launch of Xbox Series X.


Os dejo a video MIO explicando porque es Fake it de la console "Quemada" y como han logrado este efecto included estando console "APAGADA"

- Xbox Studio (@XboxStudio) November 11, 2020

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