Xbox Series X: Games on Series S will take up less space

Despite a lot of information about the brand new Xbox Series X in the past few weeks, it would seem that Microsoft's console has more surprises in store for us. According to what emerged on the net in the past few hours, games on the most powerful console in the world would take up much more space than the installation space required on the Xbox Series S. For example, the size of Sea of ​​Thieves on Series X it would be approx 47 GB, while on Series S it is only of 17 GB, a reduction of at least 64%.

However, the file size reduction does not apply solely to the title Rare, but also the storage space required to install the Gears 5 e Dirt 5 have been significantly reduced, confirming Ronald's previous statements, who generally expected smaller file sizes on the cheapest console from the Redmond house. So while Microsoft has kept its promises, seeing the actual data in terms of how much difference there is between the space required by the same game on both consoles is pretty impressive.

Also, in the past few months the same Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox, spoke about the functionality of the new ones Xbox Series X and S, which will allow players to selectively uninstall different parts of the games, though this is a choice reserved for developers, so at the moment it is not clear which and how many titles will support this very interesting features in the immediate future. While waiting for Microsoft to clarify the matter, we remind you that Xbox Series X e Series S will officially debut starting tomorrow, November 10 2020, respectively at the price of 499,99 € e 299,99 €. If you want to know more about the most powerful console in the world, you can consult ours at the following link review complete.

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