Xbox Series X: Fable and Perfect Dark next to debut?

According to recent insider claims Sabi on your account Twitter, known for having anticipated in the past several announcements from Square Enix and Bethesda, that Microsoft intends to show the new "Fable"And"Perfect Dark"Already this month, with expected debut within the first year of the Xbox Series X's life. We report in detail what Sabi Wabii said:

A friend of mine said that Fable, Perfect Dark and Halo were scheduled to show this month, with Xbox Series X launching within the first year. I'm curious if that has changed now.

These statements would seem to find further confirmation from the rumors that emerged in recent weeks, which would see the team of The Initiative, founded by the same Microsoft products in 2018, work on a secret project still in the playtesting phase, tested exclusively by Phil Spencer, which according to the community could be precisely Perfect Dark. Regarding Fable, the new project could be carried out by a second team of Playground Games, creators of Forza Horizon.

Since these are simple rumors, we remind you to take such news with appropriate precautions, hoping to receive official news from the Redmond house as soon as possible, perhaps already during theInside Xbox to be held Thursday May 7 pm 17:00.

Friend of mine has been saying for a while that Fable, Perfect Dark and Halo were planned to be shown this month and all launch within the first year of XSX. Curious if things have changed

- Sabi Wabii (@SabiWabii) May 5, 2020

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