Xbox Series X: discovered the design of the physical packaging of the games?

It's been several days since the split Xbox presented to the world some of the first titles coming to Xbox Series X, without specifying their release dates, during the last episode of the Inside Xbox. Since then, they have remained many questions on the next generation console of the American company, and one of them concerns the physical packaging design of the games. It seems, however, that SEGA has revealed in advance the mystery just mentioned, given that with theopening of pre-orders for Yakuza Like a Dragon - through some very famous e-commerce such as Amazon - it was possible to observe a non-definitive cover of the last chapter of the saga of RGG Studio.

As we can see from the image at the bottom of the article, Xbox seems to have chosen the road of continuity maintaining the appearance designed for the cases dedicated to the works for Xbox One. For the re-released Xbox 360 packages, however, the specific name of the platform at the top has been removed, leaving only that of the brand. In fact, for allow us to understand the platforms available with any product, it was decided to insert a black banner with this specification. The stamp with the words "optimized for Xbox Series X“, Which will be attributed not just cross-gen products like the expected Yakuza Like a Dragon, but also to games of this generation such as the recent Gears 5. We also remember that thanks to the Smart Delivery function it is possible to update the various titles to the version for the new generation, completely free of charge.

Obviously official confirmation by Microsoft or SEGA not yet arrived, so we don't know if these packs will be for both cross-gen products and probable next-gen video games only, but we hope to soon discover the truth from one of these two big companies in the industry. We may in fact find out more details over the next Xbox 20/20!

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