Xbox Series X: Digital Foundry analyzes the consumption of the Microsoft console

Digital Foundry thoroughly analyzed the console Xbox Series X, top of the range model of the next-gen vision of the house Microsoft products, giving its own evaluation in terms of temperature, consumption e noise level, through a new video (which awaits you on the cover). According to DF's Richard Leadbetter, the Xbox Series X's noise level is so low as to be almost completely imperceptible.

As for consumption, the next-gen console seems to consume a little less than the Xbox One. With most games tested (all backwards compatible titles) the console did not exceed 170 W of consumption, with the only exception of Gears 5 (here a comparison between the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X versions), which resulted in the required energy levels equal to 200 W. As for the temperature levels reached during the most demanding gaming sessions, Series X gave excellent initial responses, with the front section of the console that did not exceed 50 ° C (it stopped just below: 49 degrees), while in the lower part the 20°C (22 ° C to be exact). At the top of the grid it is recorded instead the highest temperature: 60 ° C (where the hot air from the machine is pushed outwards).

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, recently said that too the Xbox Series model S (cheaper than model X) it will assert itself on the market for the quality of its services. It even appears that X's "little sister" will be able to load some games in less time than its more powerful counterpart. Spencer then stated, among the pages of Kotaku, that he feels certain that demand will exceed the initial supply of the Xbox Series X | S at launch (set on 10st November), as well as commenting on some aspects related to the recent acquisition of Zenimax and the possibility that Halo: Infinite can be distributed in "several parts".


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