Xbox Series X: Aaron Greenber clarifies which titles will be cross-gen

After showing several interesting titles at theXbox Games ShowcaseThe team Microsoft products has decided to clarify why many of the games presented yesterday will land exclusively on Xbox Series X. As can be seen from the tweet of Stephen Totilo, many projects announced in the past few hours, including Everwild, avowed, Fable, the new Forza Motorsport, State of Decay 3 e Hellblade 2 are available "only" for the next-gen console of the Redmond house, creating various discontent among the most attentive gamers.

In order to immediately allay this general "confusion", he replied to the post Aaron Greenber, head of marketing at Xbox, stating that the titles shown will later also be available on Xbox One. We report his words in detail:

Future first party titles were first developed for Xbox Series X. We're not saying those games won't ship to Xbox One as well, just that they'll debut on Series X initially, and each studio will decide what's best for their game or game. your community at launch.

Despite the words of Aaron Greenber at least in part reassure the hopes of gamers, I still have some doubts about the strategy implemented by Microsoft products, given that the final decision to bring certain titles to Xbox One would be up to the development teams.

Future 1P titles are developed for Xbox Series X first. Not saying those games won't ship on Xbox One, only that we are leading with Series X & each studio will decide what's best for their game / community when they launch.

- Aaron Greenberg 🙅🏼‍♂️💚U (@aarongreenberg) July 23, 2020

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