Xbox Series X: A leak suggests it will cost less than PlayStation 5

The holidays of 2020 are approaching and potential buyers of next-generation consoles are increasingly curious to know how much they will cost PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X. Neither behemoth has yet declared an official price for their respective consoles, although there are hints that pre-orders may start soon. However, a reputable famous insider may have some surprising information for curious fans before any official announcement.

The information comes in particular from the leaker Dusk Golem, which is well known for its leaks regarding the resident evil e Silent Hill. Within a thread on ResetEra, the man intervened stating that he heard some rumors about the fact that Microsoft may be ready to reduce the price of its rival Sony console. However it was later stated that the ideas of the two companies remain in constant flux, guaranteeing nothing due to a possible change of ideas.

The strategy of Xbox would be precisely to reduce the price of the Xbox Series X to get more users and recover the profits from the Game Pass compared to the sales of the console: it was also pointed out that Sony, on the other hand, does not have a similar opportunity. That said, we invite all of our readers to take the previously treated information strictly with pliers, Since nothing has been confirmed by those in charge. Did you know that the new green crisscross next generation console will be compatible with Xbox One controllers?


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