Xbox Series S will have faster loading for Spencer

It is less than a month to arrive in the shops of Xbox Series X | S e Microsoft products, after having unveiled practically everything on its new consoles (focusing in particular on the flagship), it would seem willing to again raise the level of attention of players and professionals even on the cheapest platform. Mishandled by those who do not fully consider it a next-generation console, Xbox series s instead it has hardware on its side that is still able to optimally exploit the games designed for the new main Microsoft platform. And, in some respects, it exploits them even better.

To say it is really Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division and one of the most popular faces in the entire gaming industry. During an interview with colleagues of Kotaku, Spencer stated that the Xbox Series S is able to load some games faster than Series X because it works with resources that have a lower resolution compared to the older sister. This feature, combined with the speed offered byPre-installed SSD, allows the economic console to be able to guarantee performances of the highest level. Unfortunately Spencer did not disclose which games they will load in less time on Series S but admitted that he was very surprised in terms of overall performance, thus reassuring all those who, hesitating to buy, were afraid of being faced with a platform slightly more powerful than Xbox One.

Fears that, among other things, were unfounded as the console has some features (such as the Quick resume) introduced by Microsoft with the new next-gen platforms and impossible to obtain with those of the current generation. Waiting for any new information regarding the two consoles, we remind you that the Xbox Series S and Series X will arrive on the market next 10st November, at a price of respectively 299 € e 499 €.

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