Xbox Series S: the economic console confirmed by a leak?

For several months now we have been talking about the imminent arrival of the new next generation gaming platforms of Microsoft products e Sony, respectively Xbox Series X e PlayStation 4. But there are not many rumors related to Xbox series s, the next-gen console with an affordable price that should support the future flagship of the company founded by Bill Gates. After weeks of silence that had even made us doubt the existence of this project, in our recent article we reported the news according to which the announcement of the console would have taken place in the course of August and thanks to an indiscretion that appeared on the net in the last hours this thesis would be corroborated.

In fact, as reported by the colleagues of The Verge, in the original controllers for the new generation Xbox platform, the wording Xbox Series S appears explicitly inside the box. The user confirmed this news zakk_exe who on Twitter posted photos and videos showing the joypad sales package, which you can find at the bottom of the article.

As you can see from the photos in the tweet, the game controller offers compatibility extended to numerous platforms. It is compatible not only with the Xbox Series X and Series S but also with Windows 10, Xbox One, Android e iOS (even if in the latter case it will not be usable to take advantage of Project xCloud given the restrictions imposed by Apple). Confirmed as authentic, the joypad in addition to reiterating the existence of the Xbox Series S (codenamed Lockhart) also reveals, well before the official announcement by Microsoft, also the white color for the pads. Until now, in fact, the real images and renderings had only shown the black color for the game controllers of the new console.

Considering that the news and rumors about Xbox Series S are beginning to appear on the net with more and more frequency and relevance, at this point, all that remains is to wait for an official announcement from the Redmond company that officially reveals its existence. of the budget version of its next-generation console.

Xbox series X controller found in the wild !!

- Zak S (@zakk_exe) August 9, 2020

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Xbox Series S: Microsoft confirms the console and reveals its design and price ❯
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