Xbox Series S: registered a trademark that suggests the arrival of the console?

The rumors about an alleged second console Microsoft products out together with the now known Xbox Series X, are now some of the oldest that chase each other day after day. In fact, if we all know today that the rival of PlayStation 5 Sara Xbox Series X, that name "Series" is also true that it seems to want to hide something we do not yet know, such as the mysterious one Xbox series s.

News of recent days, precisely on June 9, concerns a mysterious patent registered by Microsoft regarding a new brand. The patent registration body has in fact filed the “Xbox Series” trademark without any reference to the “X”. This, as has been rumored for years now, could suggest the arrival of the elusive "economic" version of the next console from the house of Redmond which could be called Xbox series s, known today under the pseudonym "Lockhart".

This hypothetical console is nothing more than a less performing machine than its older sister, with probably a few less features, which will still allow you to enjoy the peculiarities of the next generation and at a lower cost. The reason for this possible choice by Microsoft could fall on the fact that the final cost of the Xbox Series X, as well as that of the PlayStation 5, could be higher than what is said around (perhaps for this reason the two companies are so late to reveal the price). We will have to wait a little longer before we find out what strategy Microsoft will have in mind with its future ninth generation console.

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